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Driving lessons at $60 for 60 minutes .


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Hampton Park Driving School

We are reliable driving school in your local area.

We provide the training in a positive,stressfree environment which is an enjoyable learning experience.Our driving instructors have a number of years of experience and are experts in building your confidence to keep you and others safe on the road .We provide top quality driving lessons for automatic car .

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Learn to drive safely with
Hampton Park Driving School

Changing lanes on busy roads,narrow pathways requiring difficult turns,traffic rules to follow -----

Driving on road makes you face lots of challenges.But what happens once you know how to handle it and have a full driver license ?
No need to wait for public transports,no need to wait for lifts from parents ,you can drive your way by yourself at your wish.
At Hampton Park Driving School, we provide our training on one to one basis giving complete individual attention to each student. We make sure that we meet the needs of our trainees and help them get trained successfully to achieve their license.
Our dedicated training process helps in building confidence in the minds of our learners to drive independently.


Our instructors are all well trained and experienced to teach you the skills of driving . Our training lessons are all extensively designed as per your requirement.

We are Qualified Victorian Occupational Therapy Driving Instructors having Dual Controlled Automatic Car.

Rebecca Ayres, Cranbourne

"Calvin Driving School, Melbourne is the best pace to go if you need to learn driving. Orlando is a wonderful driving instructor. He adapted his teaching styles to suit my learning styles and his patience with me was greatly appreciated. Orlando was always so polite and taught me above and beyond his duties. No matter what he stuck with me and wouldn't give up on me. I would definitely recommend him to any learner driver. I'm very happy with his service and thank him very graciously."

Alex Eames, Narre North

"Orlando is a great instructor. He really helped me to pass my drive test. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to learn driving in Melbourne and get his/her license."

Linda, Malvern East

"I already have my overseas license. But driving on the Melbourne roads proved to be a daunting task for me. I enrolled with Calvin Driving School so that I could brush up my skills and confidence. Orlando, my instructor, not only enabled me acquire road skills but he also helped me regain my confidence. He is a professional to the core and i would gladly recommend him to a learner driver."

Maria, Leongatha

"I would like to thank you Orlando for all your support and patience in teaching me driving, I enjoyed my driving lessons enormously, as you have been very polite and understanding too, I still cant believe I passed at the 1st attempt with just one minor mistake. Thanks you once again.

Octacilia, Oakleigh

"Thank you Orlando for the help and support you gave me with my driving lessons, appreciate you patience, without you Orlando I would not have made it.

Olivia, Pakenham

"I thank you for your support and guidance in helping me improve my driving skills. I will not hesitate to recommend CALVIN DRIVING SCHOOL to all my friends."

Luizinho Manesses, Frankston

"Thank you for the patience and hard work that ultimately helped me to get my driving licence."